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Hillary Scott Fulfills Her Anal Desires.

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  • Date: Dec 9,2009
Letting a man fuck her cunt was one thing for Hillary. Sure she loves feeling a huge cock fill her little pussy and she craved the feeling of his hot jizz pumping inside her. But what she thought about when she played with her little cunt was a little dirtier: Hillary fantasized about getting her tight asshole stretched by a huge black cock, and letting his creamy white cum slip out of her butt. Hillary found a big, strapping black man to fulfill her ass-fucking fantasies and she immediately told him what she wanted. He was eager to accept and took her back to his house. Hillary stripped naked for him in a few seconds, letting him get a close look at her perky little tits and her already soaking wet cunt. Hillary got her man warmed up by dropping to her knees and sucking his dick. He was huge, almost 12 inches in length, and he completely filled her mouth. As she slid her lips up and down his shaft, she got hotter and hotter thinking about how it would feel to have this enormous rod buried in her ass. Soon Hillary knew she couldn't wait another second to have this huge throbbing black stallion inside her. She opened her legs and bent over for his dick. He shoved his cock deep into her slit, getting himself nice and wet before he penetrated her tight asshole. As he pumped into her pussy, Hillary fingered her asshole in preparation for the fucking she was about to get. Hillary was surprised when her man withdrew his huge cock from her cunt and slipped it deep and quick into her ass. She squealed with pleasure, and spread her legs widerso he could get as deep as possible. Soon he was ready to cum, and Hillary let out a lusty moan as she felt him unload into her newly stretched asshole. As he pulled out of her ass, he moved up to her face and sprayed his cum all over her chest and watched her lick it all up.
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  • Veronica Jett the Butt Bunny

    Veronica is a very attractive girl. But when you first meet her, you would never guess just what a dirty girl she actually is. She wears glasses and even though she is tall and thin, she looks a little nerdy. But beneath that nerdy exterior lies the pussy and ass of a slut. Veronica loves to get fucked by two dicks at the same time. She loves the feeling of having one dick shoved deep in her hole while another one fucks her mouth. But Veronica doesn't want her pussy fucked; she likes it when she gets fucked in her tight asshole. She found two guys who were willing and ready to come to her house for a threesome, and as soon as she walked in the door, Veronica was taking down the top of her tiny dress. She showed her new men her tiny, perky tits, and then she pulled off her skirt and bent over to show off her perfect round ass. She asked who wanted to fuck her asshole, and one guy eagerly agreed. Veronica straddled her man's hard prick and rubbed him until he was even harder. Then she opened her legs as wide as possible and let him begin penetrating her ass. Every inch he slid into her, she groaned and begged for more. She begged him to stretch her asshole as wide as it would go, and he happily obliged. As soon as he was ball deep in Veronica's butt, she grabbed the other guy and made him put his cock in her mouth. He slid between Veronica's lips and began fucking her pretty face. While she slurped up his enormous dick, she continued bouncing up and down on the prick pounding into her asshole. She started to cum, and released her sticky pussy juices all over the balls of one guy while she received a sticky jizz load from the guy in her mouth.
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  • Katerina’s Gaping Holes Get Abused

    Katerina loves to get fucked. She loves getting her pussy licked out, she loves sucking cock, and she especially loves having a huge, rock hard prick shoved deep inside her snatch. But even though Katerina is a fairly adventurous girl, she has never had anal sex. Katerina was in for a big surprise. Katerina's boyfriend loves anal sex and wanted to get Katerina to give him her asshole. So he started by getting her in the mood. Her boyfriend pulled Katerina's skirt up and admired her bald pussy before he started lapping at her swollen clit. Katerina opened her thighs wide so his tongue could clean her little clit. As he licked, Katerina let her orgasm go and covered his face with her pussy juice. Katerina took off her top and bent over, waiting for her boyfriend to stick his enormous cock into her pussy. Her boyfriend penetrated her cunt for a minute, getting it nice and wet. But after only a few thrusts into her cunt, he pulled his cock out of her. Katerina was shocked when she felt his prick begin to penetrate her virgin asshole. But she loved letting him take her body, so she opened her legs and spread her ass cheeks for him. He pushed his cock into Katerina's little butt. She was tight, but eager, so he kept sliding his prick deeper into her asshole. Then he began to thrust in and out of her asshole. He opened her wider than she had ever been, and Katerina started to moan with pleasure at the ass fucking. Katerina opened her legs wide and let her boyfriend fuck her ass from behind her. She fingered her pussy as the prick filled her ass. Finally, Katerina's boyfriend squirted his cum deep into her asshole, and left her satisfied and stretched wide open.
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  • Sticking It in Nicki’s Ass

    Nicki was a very bad girl who loved getting cock in her tight ass. But Nicki only liked huge cocks that almost tore her apart. Ben was a big black stallion from Nicki's office. Nicki had seen him several times and every time she did, her little pussy got wet thinking about his huge cock pounding her ass. So when she and Ben got back to her place she was eager to get his cock out. Nicki pulled her top up to show Ben her huge, perfect tits. Then she dropped her pants and let him see her naked and completely bald pussy. Nicki got on her knees and opened Ben's pants, freeing his monster cock. She sucked the head of his prick into her mouth, and struggled to get even a few inches of the enormous cock into her throat. She slurped him for a few minutes until her pussy was wet. Then she pushed him to the couch and mounted him. Ben shoved his cock up and into Nicki's sweet and slippery cunt. He pushed it as far as he could into her hole and then watched her big titties bounce as she rode him. Nicki squealed and begged for more of his cock. Then she started to finger her tight asshole, getting ready for a little anal fuck. When she suggested he stick his cock into her asshole, Ben immediately stood up and bent Nicki over the couch. He started slowly, easing his prick into her tight ass. Nicki pleaded for more of his dick, so he began pounding her harder and harder. Finally, all 10 inches of his cock were buried in her ass and she was cumming all over his balls. Ben continued stretching Nicki's tight hole until he exploded, covering her face with his sticky load of cum.
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  • Sarka Sucks and Gets Her Ass Fucked

    Sarka was bored and very horny. She was all alone in her apartment and her roommate, Jim, wouldn’t be back for hours. She stripped of her clothes, starting with her top and leading to her tiny thong panties and her skirt. Once she was completely nude she started to pleasure herself. She ran her hands along her perfect body and let her fingertips caress her pussy lips. She found her little clit and started to massage it until it swelled and was covered in her pussy juices. Suddenly the door to the apartment opened and Sarka’s roommate, Jim was staring at her. Jim immediately jumped into the action, and Sarka was glad to have a big cock to play with. She drew his cock into her mouth, and sucked at him. He was huge, and very hard, so his enormous rod slid down Sarka’s throat easily. She slurped at his member and sucked his head and played with his balls. Then she was ready to get her cunt fucked. Sarka spread her pussy wide for Jim’s prick. Jim started to rub his cock between Sarka’s pink pussy lips, and once his dick was coated with Sarka’s cunt juices, he started to push it into her ass. Sarka was surprised at first, but as Jim pumped his rod deeper and deeper into her asshole, she began to enjoy the pain and pressure from the enormous dick. Jim fucked Sarka’s little asshole harder and harder and every time he went a little deeper into her until her ass was completely filled with his prick. Jim pumped and fucked Sarka’s ass until she came all over herself, and let her pussy juice drip down over his cock and balls. Once Sarka had a juicy orgasm, he let himself go and filled up her ass with his hot, sticky cum. Original post by (Slick Ian)
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  • Kelly’s Deep Well

    Kelly and her boyfriend, Will, are really good at fucking; they will fuck every night of the week if they have the chance. Kelly and Will especially like to fuck on camera, and since Kelly is a big fan of anal sex, they thought they would record their own little porno movie. Kelly had on a tiny pink dress. She danced around for Will and the camera, pulling her dress up at bit to show off her tiny thong panties. Then she pulled the top of the dress down to expose her little perky tits and pink nipples. Will squeezed Kelly’s nipples and sucked her tits. The Kelly stepped back and pulled her thong panties down and pulled up her skirt again. She opened her pussy lips for him and showed him and the camera her pink twat. Will leaned down and licked Kelly’s cunt for her. He lapped at her swollen clit until she was nice and clean. Then he pulled her panties down to her ankle and bent her over the couch. With Kelly’s naked white ass in the air, Will spread Kelly’s thighs and opened her ass cheeks with his hands. Kelly felt Will press the head of his huge hard cock against her asshole. She gasped as the giant rod was forced into her hole an inch at a time. She screamed as he pulled his cock a little bit pout of her ass and then pumped it back in. Will thrust himself into and out of Kelly’s asshole, rubbing her butt raw and getting closer and closer to orgasm. Kelly reached back and stroked her cunt, making her pussy drip with cum as Will’s cock probed deeper and deeper into her asshole. Finally, Will shot his cum load into her stretched asshole as Kelly squirted her own orgasm down her thighs. Original post by (Slick Ian)
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  • Anal Finger Fucking And Hot Pussy Masturbation

    Sexy Anal Whore Finger Fucks Her Ass With One, Then Two Then Three And Finally Four Fingers At The Same Time. This Slut Absolutely Loves It In The Asshole And Since Nobody Is Around To Screw Her She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands And Puts On Quite A Sex Show For Us Lucky Porn Lovers. She Fucks Her Butt So Hard Her Pink Pussy Starts Quivering And Wanting Some Of The Action So She Obliges Her Hungry Cunt And Rams Her Fingers Deep Inside Her Wet Fuck Hole.

    Hot Little Slut Gets Her Ass Filled With Cum

    Dirty little slut gives a great blowjob, sucking a long cock like a seasoned pro then she gets her pussy and ass fucked hard and gets her asshole filled with sperm in a great anal creampie video.

    Kelly Wells gets her ass hole stretched open wide in this xrated interracial sex video with Johnny Depth. Blonde Kelly wont be able to shit right for a week after taking all 11 inches of Rasta looking Johnny's mandingo dick. White trash whore deserves credit though because she takes all of his length deep inside her tight little butthole
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